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Nexus 7 Does Mobile Sidecar

July 25, 2012

Now that my Nexus 7 has been in my possession for over a week, I can say what great luck I’ve had with the device. I am still some few dozen songs away from being wholly synced with my RDIO library, it’ll probably get finished today at the next hotspot. While not at a hotspot, I post from the iPad over 3G and this is a favorite cafe that doesn’t have a hotspot.

Mint Margarita! Yum. I am here for the mint margarita and not the high speed. I’ll probably go for an ice cream across the street where there is a hotspot at the parlor which is rarely used, so I get it practically all to myself. That is terrific. And I get a scoop of great local ice cream to boot. If it weren’t for running on the T2 team, I’d end up a big balloon. Nothing wrong with that at all but feeling fit is a lot nicer, I think.

Pesto Baguette! Melted mozzarella. Is it any wonder I drifted from the topic at hand? Seriously though, being a mobile office worker has its perks. I recommend it, anyway. The best thing about me getting the Nexus 7 last week, and syncing my songs, is that I’ve enjoyed it long enough to play with around and work a way to use the Sidecar. If you are so inclined, download Opera Mobile (a great browser anyway) and add the bookmark. All you need to know is to wait for Opera Mobile to fully load a page before trying the bookmarklet launcher.

Until next time! Stay tuned.


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