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Nexus 7 Versus iPad for Sharing

August 20, 2012

One thing that immediately stands out after considerable time spent of both the Nexus 7 and the iPad is that the iPad is better at content producing, while the Nexus 7 is better at information sharing. The iPad has a far superior soft keyboard. Spelling mistakes are rare compared with the Nexus 7. This will remain true no matter which you are more familiar with, for iPad users already know it but Android fanatics with the opposite view simply make an assumption based on inexperience. Physically, the iPad buttons are bigger and not prone to errors from app switching by way of buttons below the soft keyboard itself.

That said, the openness of the Android platform makes the option button for sharing content display icons for any conceivable app capable of sharing. The walled garden of the Apple universe means that sharing is limited to fewer choices of apps by default, or one must jump through hoops to Shae content that on a Nexus 7 is one click away. Just hope you don’t have much text to type.


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