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Groupon Email Marketing

August 21, 2012

Groupon is starting to be questioned by more than just proprietors of small businesses, users are also starting to question the value of the service. If you run a local small business, you have to be careful with the offer you provide. You have to calculate your success not by breaking even and hoping to have won over new customers. You have to turn a profit then and there. Groupon users are fickle penny pinchers streaming in.

Watch out for negative feedback too. Yelpers are notorious for being harsh on local businesses. People just have a propensity to be trolls online, since there is little recourse against them when they do so and they think it’s fun. Terrible. Make sure you deliver on the promise and then some. Avoid the slagging marks on local review sites such as Yelp by kowtowing to the utmost degree.

Users are now also starting to see less value, probably in large part as a consequence of businesses scaling back, or making rules a series of hoops for them to jump through for a deal that seems hardly worth it. Consider an ad I just saw which caught my attention. A triple-feature movie admission for $6 at a nearby theater. That sounds too good to be true, so I checked it out.

It’s true. What’s more, though, is you can get the same deal direct from the website for $5! To think a second about the math, that makes perfect sense, which is too bad for Groupon. The theater would way rather sell the thing at its website, or have users see it and buy the ticket in person. What does it matter where the source of the theater goers is? When bought through Groupon the buck goes to pay its processing fee. Brilliant!

Use Groupon for email marketing to get the word out. Who cares if people buy the deal from Groupon, the website (which Groupon even links to!) or hears about it from someone who saw the deal and heads on over to the theater to buy the ticket in person. When I looked at the Groupon sales, more then 5,000 people bought the ticket for $6. I’m sure a bunch more bought it for $5 from the theater. That’s clever email marketing, local targeting simply using Groupon.


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