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Nexus 7 on Order

I went ahead and impulse bought a Nexus 7. Since the order was placed immediately following it’s announcement, it should arrive along with the first shipment in mid July. Although Google handed them out to developers attending the conference, along with more swag, I should still be able to give a fairly early in-depth impression of the device when I get my hands on it. Stay tuned for that.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet

It’s becoming widely accepted that Google’s Nexus 7 is seen as targeting the middle ground between the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle, priced the way it is starting at $199. NPR coverage explains this very well. I’m reminded that Google Plus also launched strategically to occupy a middle ground of sorts, between the open publishing platform of Twitter and the private ecosystem of Facebook.

Google Nexus7 Built by ASUS

Google Nexus7 debuted today at Google IO, and the device is priced starting at $199 which is similar to Kindle pricing. It’s hard to imagine that this isn’t a loss leader like the Kindle is for Amazon, and that Google makes up for it with app purchases like Amazon does book purchases. It is built for Google Play with the latest Android OS, Jelly bean 4.1 with Butter (smoother gestures). Google Now is also an interesting personalized local product that I want to check out at some point. If the Nexus7 is a good device, and runs Mobile Sidecar, then I’ll buy one!

Hawaii 2012

I actually participated in the Chicago Pride parade on Sunday. I marched with the T2 team for the 3-miles through the streets surrounded by crowds. I high-fived hundred of people, hugged dozens and even kissed a few lucky ones. It was T2’s first time ever in the parade with a float, Kat was riding with her girl Kimea whom I had just met. Kimea joined T2 and all the enthusiasm led me to acknowledge that I would rejoin and run in Hawaii 2012. Stay tuned on that!

Chicago Summer is here.

The weather has really taken a turn towards heating up. Summer is finally here in Chicago.

Trek 7-Miles With Kat

Since I’m running with a pace group, I often run alongside people I am beginning to get to know. These folks I take to pretty quickly. I know they’re contributing to a great cause, one that I’m personally affected by and also as I run endorphins are high. I get emotionally caught up with familiar people in the group.

One running friend I came to know as Kat has done work as a personal trainer. She’s fit and fabulous. We became fast friends running alongside the lake. I lose her around mile 9, when I start hitting a wall and need extra time. She can keep her pace through mile 9 to the end. It’s always good to know people who can push your limits.

Kat and I are going to run tonight. We plan to make up our training missed yesterday. Kat brought her cat to my apartment in Chicago and moved in. Somehow, I know living with a personal trainer can help me keep fit and strong. She’s also a chef so I’ll be eating pretty well too. I’ve surrounded myself with someone who can push me to greater heights!

Disa Johnson Marathon Runner

Yesterday I ran and placed in apace group for 10-minute mile runners for a marathon. The marathon is held by the team to eliminate AIDS, and I’m running on behalf of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. I plan to raise as much money as I can to help alleviate the suffering from AIDS people today go through. I have friends and my own father died from AIDS in 1986, one of the first 10,000 Americans to die from the disease.